Cosmetic tattooing for the eyebrows has been available for many years. Over time various methods of implanting pigment into the skin have come and gone. With advancements in technology and improvements in pigments, techniques and equipment SkinRevision’s experts technicians can offer the latest in hyper realistic results for your brows.

Using the worlds advanced Phi products ensures you get simply stunning results. Your eyebrows frame your eyes and are unique to you but are so often over tweezed, scarred or become thin due to age or medical conditions. At SkinRevision we offer a number of different techniques to design the perfect brow for you.

Each cosmetic tattooing treatment requires two sessions 6 weeks apart to perfect your new brows.

So which is best for you?


Microblading is a technique where pigment is implanted superficially into the upper Dermis of the skin.  A hand tool is used to create hyperrealistic fine hair strokes that blend and flow creating a beautiful natural brow. This technique is perfect if you wear very little makeup or want a very natural looking brow.

Microblading is suited to both Men and women with perfect colour matching to your own hair and skin tones.

Ombre Brow/PowderBrow

Ombre or Shadow brow is a technique used implanting pigment with a permanent makeup device/machine to create a soft shaded brow. This technique still keeps a soft and natural look just slightly more defined then a micro bladed brow. Perfect if you are wanting a fuller more defined brow effect.

Combination Brow

A combination brow is a blend of microblading and shading creating a brow that has visible hairstrokes with soft shading between the strokes. Shading can be placed through the centre of the brow for a more 3D effect or you may prefer a soft bladed start to the brow with a more defined body and tail. Options can be discussed during your free consultation appointment.


Our FREE consultation appointments are designed to ensure you are given all the information regarding the best technique suited to you. During you consultation we will complete a full consultation and medical history to make sure it is safe for you to have this service done. Cosmetic tattooing or Permenant makeup is a specialist skill and choosing not only your Artist but the right technique is the important first step towards beautiful brows.

Perfection Visit

6 weeks after your first visit you will receive a perfection treatment. After your first treatment it is normal for your brows to fade, your perfection visit is to add pigment to required areas of the brow. On occasion a Third treatment may be necessary.

Aftercare/healing Journey

Your homecare is an important part of your journey to a beautiful brow. Your permanent makeup artist will walk you through your step by step homecare routine. You will also receive written advice on how to care for your Cosmetic tattoo and what to expect during your healing journey at home.

The future of a younger looking you starts here!