Cosmetic Tattooing Whangarei

Skin Revision offers a range of cosmetic tattooing services in Whangarei. Our qualified and experienced staff can assist you with cosmetic tattooing of eyeliner, eyebrows, lipliner and full lip creation. We also have a specialist paramedical tattooing service.

Skin Revision are proud to offer PhiBrows Microblading Techniques. Michaella is the PhiBrows Master for New Zealand and Amanda is a Royal Artist




A well formed coloured lashline can take years off any face. This treatment is not just for those of us that wear eyeliner on a daily basis but also for those thinning lashlines that can easily make us look tired and aged. The application of a ‘Lash Enhancement’ is all it takes to lift your eyes and give your face a fresh redo.



Your eyebrows frame your eyes and we so often have overtweezed, overplucked, scarred or have become sparsed with age eyebrows. At Skin Revision we naturally enhance your eyebrow shape with hair strokes to design a totally new brow and add a touch of colour to re-define your brows.  A consultation is complementary, where we can discuss the options that are available to you.


Lip Liner or Full Lip Creation

As we age we lose the definition of our lips or what we call the vermillion border. At Skin Revision we have the ability to reapply that line that gives our lips shape and colour. You can have a lip liner, lip wash or a full lip colour to suit your desired look.  Let the team at Skin Revision bring back your Cupid’s bow!


Areola – Paramedical Tattooing

This area of body tattooing is a highly specialised field. The application of your areola bi or uni lateral is done with the utmost care in mind. We will discuss with you at length of proposed colour and shape. You can even bring in your ‘pre’ picture.


before areola paramedical tattooing

post areaola paramedical tattooing day 2
Post Areaola paramedical tattooing day 2

post areola medical tattooing day 10
Post Areola Medical Tattooing Day 10 – notice ‘peeling’ of excess colour

6 weeks post areaola tattooing
6 weeks post areaola tattooing

This treatment will require to tattooing services 8 weeks apart and a good post treatment care by you to ensure colour retention. Speak to your insurance or surgeon regarding Insurance claims.

The future of a younger looking you starts here!