A well formed coloured lashline can take years off any face. This treatment is not just for those of us that wear eyeliner on a daily basis but also for those thinning lashlines that can easily make us look tired and aged. The application of a ‘Lash Enhancement’ is all it takes to lift your eyes.

At SkinRevision our Qualified and experienced artists will take you through the options of designing the perfect look for you. As we age we loose the definition of our lash line or we may have naturally fine and the lashes, choosing the right technique for you is where our team comes in.


An eyeliner enhancement is perfect to add colour though the base of your lashes following your natural lash line. This technique enhances your lash line giving the appearance of thicker, fuller lash’s and enhancing and enlarging the look of your eye.

Decorative Upper Eyeliner

A decorative upper eyeliner is perfect if you wish to extend your natural lash line. This technique is designed to adjust a natural lash line giving the eye an almond shape extending the lash line to create a bigger and more dramatic eye. This is a perfect option if you prefer a slightly bolder eyeliner effect.

Decorative Upper Eyeliner (Shadow Liner)

A decorative shadowed eyeliner gives a fuller make up look. By implanting pigmented shading above your natural lash line we can achieve the fullest lash line effect. This is a perfect technique if you struggle to apply eye or are sensitive to makeup or wish for a more dramatic fuller lash effect opening the eye up to achieve a larger looking eye.

Lower Eyeliner

We also offer a lower eyeliner enhancement. If you only wear a lower eyeliner or struggle with your eyeliner smudging during day this is the perfect treatment for you. We can apply just a lower eyeliner enhancement for you or combine with any of our upper eyeliner techniques.

Perfection Visit

6 weeks after your first visit you will receive a perfection treatment. After your first treatment your eyeliner will fade, (the amount varies from client to client) the perfection visit is to enable your artist to implant more pigment where necessary. On occasion a third treatment may be required.

Healing Journey/Aftercare

Your homecare is an important part of your journey to a beautiful result. Your permanent makeup artist will walk you through your step by step homecare routine. You will also receive written advice on how to care for your Cosmetic tattoo and what to expect during your healing journey at home.

The future of a younger looking you starts here!