skin concernsOur Advance Therapist’s are trained Skin specialists and at SkinRevision we offer Full skin consultations.

The health your skin is of the utmost importance to us. During your individual consultation we work with you to establish any skin conditions and concerns you may have and design a personal bespoke prescription that suits you alone. Your Therapist takes the time to give you all the information you need to gain healthy and beautiful skin.


The observ is a state of the art skin analysing system allowing us to diagnose a wide variety of skin conditions with accuracy.

In conjunction with a thorough consultation, the observ is valuable  tool that assists not only skin condition analysis, but is used for initial evaluations and monitoring of treatment progress.

During your consultation we use the observ to take a number of photos of your skin in different light conditions, this allows us and you to be able to see your individual skin conditions and correctly prescribe a treatment plan to address these for you.


DERMAVIDUALSWe are distributors of dermaviduals skincare to provide you with the latest in scientifically researched and developed personalised bespoke skincare.

Dermaviduals is a skincare that is created for your skin personally no matter the skin condition or season.

This skincare not only helps manage your skin conditions but is beautifully safe to use.

As our body’s largest organ, our skin needs to be protected and nourished.  Just by following a basic skin care regime it is possible to protect the skin from everyday wear and tear and assist in combating environmental stresses such as pollution, sun and wind, exposure, lack of sleep, poor diet choices and work or lifestyle pressures.

However, with so many cosmeceutical and cosmetic companies advertising and promoting their products in the media, most often making a plethora of extraordinary (and often inaccurate) claims of being “the best, the latest or the cheapest”  – choosing the right product for your skin can be time-consuming and sometimes downright frustrating.

So how does our skin function, and what can be done to maintain, correct or perfect this amazing, hard-working organ?

Scientific research into the skin and its function indicates that there is an abundance of cell-to-cell communication. If we can deliver active ingredients to the deeper layers of the epidermis (stratum spinosum) we are in turn supplying these cells with all the nutrients they require to function in optimal health and to make their return journey to the outer most layer of our skin (stratum corneum) easier, thus providing you with a balanced, healthy and glowing complexion.

Dermaviduals is synonymous with working effectively on the dermal membrane structure of the skin. So much so, dermaviduals has patented the DMS components of their product range.

All dermaviduals products are free from:

  • Preservatives and parabens- may not be tolerated and can cause irritations
  • Perfumes – should be restricted to the skin’s surface only and avoided in creams, which penetrate into the skin. They are the Number 1 cause of irritation of the skin
  • Mineral oils – may have occlusive effects and therefore affect the natural activity of the skin to produce its own protective substances
  • Emulsifiers – may influence the integrity of the skin barrier and cause the loss of natural protective factors when cleansing the skin
  • Amines – frequently are accompanying substances of so called anionic emulsifiers and stress the skin especially if they belong to the group of alkanolamines.
  • Silicones – frequently accompany substances of products containing emulsifiers and create a superficial smooth feeling on the skin.

Being free of these ingredients allows the products to have a proactive and positive effect on the protection of the acid mantle (the surface or protective layer of your skin), regeneration of the skin and increasing your natural hydration, so as not to cause a breakdown with the skin’s natural defence system and maintaining the homeostasis of the skin.

You will be amazed at what you will learn about your skin from a dermaviduals qualified skin treatment therapist. We understand skin like no one else.

The future of a younger looking you starts here!