HUGE thank you to the lovely girls at Skin Revision. I had my eyebrows tattooed today and they are great!! I know it’s early days but I love them already – so does my husband!! The girls are lovely, the “salon” is gorgeous and the service impeccable – very professional. Thanks girls!!

Patti Lynch


My story began on the 22nd of February 2011.

As Christchurch was being devastated by an earthquake I was receiving the news that shook my world….I had a 3cm invasive ductil carcinoma which required an immediate mastectomy and at the same time I also had TRAM Flap reconstruction. Almost before I had time to absorb the news, it was all over – except for the other three operations I had to have, one of which was a nipple reconstruction.

So… here I was, 4 years down the track with what I like to refer to as a tummy tuck and boob job except I had a funny looking, pale, oddly shaped nipple area on my reconstructed boob however, it didn’t really bother me enough to see about getting something done about it.

I am a Pink Dragon, part of Breast Cancer Survivor Dragon Boat team, and a call had gone out to all our members to see if anyone would volunteer to have a nipple tattooed…. Why not? I thought. I should know about these things as part of my role as chair of Breast Cancer Support.

So, the next day I met with Michaella from Skin Revision to get my tattoo. I had no idea what was going to happen.

Michaella treated me with warmth and respect and made it very easy to understand the process. We talked about colours and shape and what would be done, what it would sound and feel like and that it wouldn’t hurt, and she were right. Michella matched the colours and created a shape which mirrored my other nipple and then got to work using immaculately sterile tools to create my new nipple.

I lay back and possibly even fell asleep during the process which took less than an hour and when it was over and I saw the finished shape and colour and the way it looked, I was quite emotional. I couldn’t believe that 3 dimensional colour and shading could achieve so much.

Even though I thought it hadn’t bothered me not having a “proper” nipple I am so happy with the finished result. I look at my boobs every day now and see me – not a scar, not a reminder, just me!

Caroline Crann


After so many operations to reconstruct my breasts, I couldn’t face the thought of another to make nipples. Michaella was very professional and made me feel at ease the whole time, and the result is better than I could ever have imagined. Having 3D nipples has turned my reconstructions into actual Breasts, looking in the mirror I cant believe they are not real!! Thanks Michaella.

Melanie Waldron
Chairperson, Breast Cancer Support Northland Trust


AMAZING. I love my eyebrows and eyeliner. So many compliments, so natural looking no longer have to fill them in. Eyeliner supurb makes such a difference. Now it’s sunscreen & lipgloss. I thoroughly recommend Michaella. You will not be disappointed. A perfectionist in all she does. Thank you so much Michealla!

Suzie Hone


Knowledgeable, friendly and trustworthy. Great products and treatments. I put myself in Michaella’s hands and know that she will do the best for me

Lou Worth


Just want to say an extra special thank you to Michaella and Amanda for their knowledge and caring and their desire to do their best for their clients. Really exceptional and seldom experienced these days, so highly recommend any of their services as you get top quality treatment and products. Merry Xmas to you both and thank you for your generosity!

Anna Millar


So pleased we have such a professional service in Whangarei! Thank you

Staci Paul

The future of a younger looking you starts here!